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FireLine, delica beads, mother of pearl center piece, 24k plated miyuki seed beads


  • What relates Gilgamesh to Mwindo? The Bhagavad Gita and the Book of Job? Dagda's Harp and Jason's Golden Fleece? The Korean Flying Dragon and the Story of Buddha? The Popol Vuh and Inuit Northern Forest Mythology? They are the stories we weave to understand the world. All interconnected and related - creating a world of rich, deep, insightful culture which affects each and every one of us. The individual colors are so related, but each row is slightly different. Seen as a whole, the shape is simple and elegant. This piece was inspired by a course on the seventeen stages of a hero’s journey. According to Joseph Campbell, such a hero will often have a talisman which lends divine assistance on their journey. I tried to make a talisman such as those taken by the heroes of these cultures on their journies and would be worthy to be worn by a modern-day hero who understands the links and parallels between Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, Luke Skywalker, Mwindo, Jesus, Buddha, and Harry Potter.


    Wear it, and go be the world's hero. 

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