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Chinese cloisonné beads, antique brass centerpiece


  • Attila the Hun terrorized the Romans and became a household name and boogeyman. In 452, after sacking many surrounding territories, Attila approached Rome. Pope Leo I was asked to intervene, so he set up a picnic with Attila in northern Italy near Mantua. The men had several confidential hours of conversation and food, after which Attila departed. At the time, it was said that the Pope had converted Attila, but in retrospect, a substantial papal booty in the midst of a famine may have had something to do with Attila’s change of heart. The following year, Attila died on the night of his wedding to a feisty germanic girl. After hours of boozing and feasting, the strain of his wedding night seemed too much for him and he died of a hemorrhage in her bed.


    This piece is fitting as bridal jewelry, either for hard riding horses or for a wedding. The cloisonné beads are chinese.


    There are shields, gold, and the red of blood.

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